Wood Fireplaces

A modern high efficient fireplace also available in traditional styles

Nothing beats lounging in front of a roaring wood fireplace. There’s just something invitingly cozy about crackling logs, glowing embers, and blanket of warmth radiating off those flames. If it’s time to update your home, there are limitless fireplace design ideas to explore.

Whether you are going for traditional or modern, a wood burning fireplace adds a touch of elegance and focal point to any room.

Wood burning fireplaces are available in two main types: Decorative and High Efficient.

Decorative wood burning fireplaces provide mostly ambiance, are general in design and have low efficiency. These fireplaces allow direct interaction with the fire. You can make smores, poke the fire around and enjoy the popping sounds of logs burning.

Traditional decorative wood burning fireplaces though not efficient, provide ambiance and warmth.

High Efficient wood burning fireplaces provide a tremendous amount of heat, have several modern and traditional designs and are extremely efficient. These fireplaces have ceramic glass panels that withstand high temperatures and allow radiant heat waves to pass through, can burn up to eight hours in a single load of wood and may allow the home owner to draft heat into an adjacent room. E.P.A. regulations are slowly putting a strangle hold on decorative fireplaces so high efficient may be your only option depending on where you live.

At Buck Energy, we believe in supplying our customers with the best products and brand names in the fireplace industry.  If you are ready to put your fireplace design ideas in motion, visit our showroom!  Our staff will help you find the perfect wood burning fireplace for your family’s needs.

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