The Beauty of Gas Fireplaces

Modern Linear Gas Fireplaces bring light, warmth and ambiance to any room.

From chilly fall evenings to the coldest winter nights, there is nothing better than a fire to warm your home and soul. Traditional wood fireplaces are great for this, but require tending to and more maintenance. Today’s gas fireplaces are a great alternative to their traditional counterparts and much more realistic than in years past. They display realistic fires complete with glowing embers and ceramic-fiber logs molded from real logs and can be connected to a remote control or thermostat.

Gas only fireplaces are available as fireplace inserts and as built-ins. Insert gas fireplaces involve converting an existing wood burning fireplace into a gas fireplace by literally inserting a new and modern unit into the old. The insert will have its own chimney system which runs through the pre existing chimney.

Built-in gas fireplaces involve creating a new fireplace where one doesn’t yet exist. These require a structure to be built around the fireplace. The structure can then be fitted with rock, mantel and even entertainment systems.

Gas log set in a traditional wood burning fireplace

A third and more economical type is the gas log set. These are simple burners placed into an existing wood burning fireplace that has been plumbed with a gas starter line and topped with ceramic logs. Gas log sets are quick to light, low in maintenance and are available in many sizes, shapes and colors.

Gas fireplace design is dominated by direct vent chimney systems. Gone are the open B-vent style fireplaces that produced poor fire displays. A direct vent gas fireplace uses double-walled chimney pipe to vent through sidewalls or roofs without the need for a traditional chimney. The fire-chamber is completely enclosed and covered with a sealed piece of glass allowing the chimney system to draw combustion air in from one chimney wall and expel used gases out the other. This creates a very flexible and efficient system that can be placed nearly anywhere in your home or office.

Ethanol Fireplace Alternatives

Ethanol gel fireplace by Real Flame

In recent years, there has been a push for the development of more environmentally-friendly fireplaces. Ethanol gel fireplaces are one of the results of this quest. Ethanol doesn’t release harmful fumes when burned and can be enjoyed without having to provide ventilation or worry about the environment.

Ethanol is clean burning and provides a nice, realistic crackling noise when burned along with no cleanup or mess!

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