Fireplace Inserts

One of several rustic wood burning fireplace inserts made by Napoleon

Fireplace inserts are available in Gas, Electric, Wood and Pellet Burning models.  Most are extremely efficient at heating your home when compared to the traditional wood burning fireplace which sends 90 to over 100% of the heat created by the fire up and out of your chimney.  Why warm the great outdoors when you can warm your home?

With a fireplace insert, efficiency is increased tremendously.  A good insert will provide up to 80% of the heat created for use in the home.  Fireplace inserts are self-contained steel units made to fit inside your existing wood burning fireplace and vent through that fireplaces existing chimney.  Electric fireplace inserts are different in that they don’t require a chimney.

Because most fireplaces are not created equal, make sure you have a fireplace service professional measure the available space and check your chimney to insure pre existing problems or dangers don’t already exist.

A very nice gas fireplace insert from Regency

You have many choices regarding the type of fuel your insert will burn. Here is a little information about each type to help you make your decision.


Gas Fireplace Inserts

With a gas fireplace insert, you can heat your home using an existing fireplace that has been plumbed with a gas line. It will work even during a power outage to keep your home warm. You don’t need to carry heavy wood logs or clean out ashes. Gas burns at high temperatures, is abundant and clean burning. This is why you’ll find that the majority of fireplace inserts are gas inserts.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

An electric fireplace insert made by Real Flame

Wood burning fireplace inserts consist of a steel-plate box that fits inside your existing fireplace. Some have ornamental cast iron while others are more utilitarian. They typically have a three sided faceplate that covers the space between it and the existing fireplace to create more of a built-in appearance. Wood fireplace inserts are designed to maximize fuel and heat by burning wood more completely resulting in a environmentally clean burn.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

If you want push button convenience, you might want an electric fireplace insert. Electric Fireplace inserts don’t vent hot gasses, eliminating the need for a chimney and can even be attached a wall like a picture frame.

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